Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Creating our own curriculum- MATH

One of the joys and challenges of working in a progressive school is the absence of a text book or formal curriculum. As professionals in the field of education, we are given the standards and then left to our own devices (and the help of others) to rummage through and discover the best resources for our classroom. While I am thankful for Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers, the resources often fall more in the "cute" category, than the "content" category. Finding meaty resources that help you create engaging lessons without worksheets is how a spend a lot of my time. For your convenience and mine, I have created the following list of excellent math resources:

Inside Mathematics

K-5 Math Resources (Great Centers)

Howard County Math Wiki (Performance Tasks/ Assessments/ Resources Galore)

Engage NY Open Source Curriculum

LearnZillion (Kid and Teacher Friendly Video Tutorials/ Lessons)

Illustrative Mathematics

I'd be curious to know where you go for instructional supports when creating your math curriculum. Feel free to post below!



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