Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Science

My summer plans thus far have consisted of directing science-based summer camps at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta. The camp I am directing is one of many Club Scientific camps around the country. It has been a lot of work and tons of fun!  Being fully immersed in science for the past four weeks has reminded me of three things:

1.) Science is messy!

2.) Pulling off effective experiments takes time and preparation!

2.) Kids LOVE science!

So, I have a confession-- I'm a clean freak and like many of you, I avoid doing science projects in my classroom because of the mess and the amount of preparation. But, my goal in the coming year is to immerse my students in inquiry and experimentation on a weekly basis. It engages them in critical thinking and that's exactly what's missing in many schools!

If you want to join me, here are a few resources that will help:

Here's to a year full of messes, squeals, ewwws and ahhhs!


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